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In the closet*

* Guillaume keeps a stash of miniature liquor bottles in the supply closet. Sometimes he likes to hold them and pretend he's a giant.


Visual Identity

In order for a projects branding to stand out, we need to assess the essence of it; what it stands for, its goal and its message. Our team ensures that the graphic style developed is current all the while having the ability to be timeless. We are in constant communication with our clients and we get to know them pretty well. This enables us to create an identity that is true to their vision. Throughout the whole process, we are there to guide our clients but always making a point to respect their choices. Once the visual identity is created, we hand out a useful graphic standards guide which becomes instrumental in further endeavours.

  • Branding

Print Design

Business cards, posters, stationeries, brochures... the list goes on and on! Rest assured that all your communication needs will be met by our creative team. Whether you need to build a promotional campaign or simply make sure that your team has the proper tools for the day to day grind... We’ll have thought of everything.  

  • Print Design

Interactive Design

What really sets us apart is without a doubt our specialization in interactive design. Constantly searching for the latest innovations, our team strives to deliver quality creations and originality that is above what is expected and what you’ll see elsewhere. The multi platform design in its whole is also part of the expertise we offer.

  • Interactive Design

Web and Interactive Development

With a production team as good as ours, there is no question that the quality of the concepts developed by our design team will follow through all the way into the integration and development of your website. What makes our work environment unique is that creatives and developers work alongside each other from start to finish only to provide the best for our clients. Our team has assured the success of many online shops, as well as cross-platform projects without mentioning many innovative interactive experiences. And as for the icing on the cake: we have solutions to meet your needs in terms of a custom content management system.


  • Web and Interactive Development


  • E-commerce

A strategic approach

The elaboration of communication strategies is an important part of our creative process. The ingenious brains on our team are constantly thriving to develop ideas for projects and always take into account the latest technologies as well as more traditional channels.


  • Strategic ideas

Animations and digital campaign

At Akufen, we offer complete comprehensive digital solutions. We conceptualize and produce animations (motion) and we also do digital campaigns involving several mediums such as web banners, contests, Facebook and mobile experiences.

  • Animations and digital campaign