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In the closet*

* Guillaume keeps a stash of miniature liquor bottles in the supply closet. Sometimes he likes to hold them and pretend he's a giant.


Artist of the year

Artist of the year

An unexpected return

After a three year hiatus from the music scene, we had to ensure that the return of the very colourful Montreal band Artist of The Year would be one to be remembered. On and off stage, the band is known for having an eccentric and sometimes kooky attitude. We wanted our creations to represent just that.

  • Artist of the year

A colourful campaign

The poster series for the Montreal band Artist of The Year is a colourful mix of different elements that are all is some way related to the wacky quartet. Based on some of their stage costumes and sometimes absurd videos; unicorns, astronaut suits, blow up dolls... Nothing was too much or out of line when it came to the design of the print series. Not to mention the packaging we did for a series of condoms!

  • Artist of the year

An online delirium

We really wanted the web to stand-out and be as unique and unpredictable as the band. We created a delirious online experience; deconstructed grids, overexploitation of animated gifs, parallax scrolling effects, vibrant colours, crazy typos... not to mention many unexpected curiosities!

Prizes and distinctions

Grand Prix Boomerang 2012 Site Art & Culture
Awwward 2012 Site of the day
Coupe International 2012 Série d'affiches
Grand Prix Lux 2012 Affiches
Applied Arts Prix Design- Série d'affiches
Webby Awards Celebrité/Fan