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In the closet*

* Guillaume keeps a stash of miniature liquor bottles in the supply closet. Sometimes he likes to hold them and pretend he's a giant.




Dada, Data, what else?

Dada-Data is a digital documentary made up of multiple interactive exercises, six DADA Hacktions, and an online anti-museum: the DADA Depot. A modern narrative, mixing collages and hypertext, Twitter and manifestos, Instagram and Connected Readymades, Dada-Data is a living, viral, vibrant, tribute, riddled with diversions, self-destruction, derision, and anchored in our time- just as Dada was at war against his. A modern tribute, a web documentary without video, for and by the Dada spirit. True to the spirit of the revolutionary art movement that marked the twentieth century, DADA-DATA is a multilingual project: French, German, English, Italian, and Romanian. 



Launched February 5th 2016, 100 years to the day since of the birth of the DADA movement, DADA-DATA.NET experienced an unexpected success: 100,000 visitors in 48 hours, came roaming into a "Depot” (the anti-museum) and committing the weekly "hacktions", turning DADA into a modern web experience (Dada AdBlock, Live 3D printing of Dada artwork, Twitter used as a place of world poetry, Instagram as a playground for an endless collage of personal Dada photos, etc). 


Dada block

An AdBlock extension (compatible with Chrome, FireFox, and Safari) that replaces all advertisements with DADA artwork and slogans. The DADA BLOCK is installed in any browser with one click and is guaranteed safe, free, and without spyware. 


Dada Gram

With this hacktion, visitors can turn a photo from their personal Instagram account into a masterpiece by placing it in an original Dada collage. 


Dada Connected Readymade

For a month, DADA-DATA placed three 3D printers at the renowned Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, birthplace of the DADA movement. Each of these printers prepared a DADA object daily, all the while being filmed and broadcasted live on the site. Thousands of participants from all parts of the world participated in a contest to win these printed objects and a chat enabled exchanges between all participants with random, automated aliases and avatars. 


Dada Gafa

With the coming of the DADA-DATA web experience, the time to battle against the GAFA was upon us. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, beware: DADA is here. To fully experience this absurd battle, visitors used their mobile phone as a second screen and placed it in front of their computer. A dance of deliverance begins... 


Dada Tweet Poetry

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Dada Manifesto

Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th, 2016, hundreds of people converged for a Hackathon at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. Developers, writers, artists, publishers, plumbers, designers, students, bankers, art messengers, etc. Their goal: to write together a Digital Dada Manifesto. Present were the authors and designers of Dada-Data, coming from Zurich and Montreal, as well as Ken McKenzie Wark (author of The Hacker Manifesto and Gamer Theory), a great New York theorist of today's digital world. The event was broadcasted on, allowing everyone to contribute. 


Dada Dépôt

Like the DADA movement, for which the achievement of a work of art was never without coincidence and chance at the heart of its aesthetic, our Dada Depot resumes the notions of automatism, of simultaneity and chance. Works, slogans, and interviews are arranged accidentally and never identical. 

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