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Demo days*

* We knocked down a wall at the office today and found a band of mice playing Elvis Costello's greatest hits. They call themselves Pelvis Cockstello and they're pretty good. They're looking for a bass player, if you know any.


La Cavalerie

La Cavalerie

On the playful side

La Cavalerie’s previous branding was more on the vintage and illustrative side. When revisiting their branding we chose to go towards something more modern. We also chose to go for something a bit more playful and even childish to contrast with the more authoritarian side of what the term “cavalerie” represents in the army.  



  • La Cavalerie
  • La Cavalerie

A diversified and well garnished portfolio

La Cavalerie represents a variety of diverse talents! In order to captivate rapidly potential collaborators, we put forward the company’s well garnished portfolio as well as the assortment of interesting projects they’ve worked on. Many functionalities were developed for the website and our “playlist” is one of them. It allows the user to choose within the portfolio and permits him to save it for a later viewing or even share it.


Webby Awards Auto-promotion/Portfolio